TR0001 Car in Can 

TR0013 Sniper Buggy

TR0014 Bionic Buggy

TR0015 Cobra Stuntcar

TR0016 RC Monstertruck Beast

TR0022 Tiger Buggy

TR0030 Monster Crush

TR41500 RC Viper

TR41502 Orbit Bot

TR41510 Mini Bot in Can Blue

TR41511 Mini Bot in Can Pink

TR41512 Mini Bot

TR41513 Soccer Drone

TR50010 Storage Truck + 6 cars

TR50011 Storage Truck + 12 cars

TR50021 Skateboard Urban Set Blue

TR50022 Skateboard Urban Set Yellow

TR50110 Build a Bot Bunny

TR50120 Build a Bot Fox

TR50130 Build a Bot Dino

TR50150 Build a Bug Ant

TR50160 Build a Bug Bee

TR50170 Build a Bug Ladybee

TR50200 Speaking Eggs

TR50210 Urban Bot

TR50211 Hero Bot

TR50212 Tekforce Robot Jungle

TR50213 Tekforce Robot Desert

TR50214 Tekforce Robot Sea

TR50215 Tekforce Robot Snow

TR50310 Moodies

TR60020 Revolution Pro

TR80038X Laser Command Tactical

TR80072 Infinity Drone

TR80079 Discovery Drone

TR80087 Galaxy Drone

TR80511 Focus Drone

TR80513 Sky Drone

TR80514 Zuma Drone

TR80515 Eagle Drone

TR80522 Nano Spy Drone

TR80525 Nano Smart Drone

TR80528 Flying Fidget Spinner

TR80531 Pro Cam Drone

TR80532 Falcon Drone

TR80533 Apollo Drone

TR80540 FPV Urban Drone

TR80541 VR Rover Drone

TR80542 VR Vision XL Drone

TR80545 VR Nano Wifi Drone

TR80548 + TR80549 + TR80550 Racing Drone

TR80586 Smart Drone

TR80587 Smart Drone Pro

TR80590 Condor Drone

TRXX01 Trixx 360 - Trick Ramp

TRXX03 Trixx 360 - Double Ramp

TRXX04 Trixx 360 - Corner Ramp

TRXX05 Trixx 360 - Straight Ramp

VR49400 VR Real Feel Racing

If you are looking for a Declaration of Conformity from an item that is not in the list yet, please send an e-mail to ilonka@spectrontoys.com with your request.