Magic Blooms

Magic Bloom: the magic flower with musical power! The Magic Blooms dance, giggle and sing over 15 different songs, solo or in a group. Touch the flower pot and Magic Bloom will giggle, move and sing! Voice jamming enables you to record your voice and sing like a song. Play your favorite music and her petals and stem will move. You can also "water" Magic Bloom with the magic water pot to activate funny sound effects. Collect them all, so the Magic Blooms can sing and dance in a choir!

Magic Bug: the interactive bug can dance and sing over 10 differrent songs! Magic Bug will buzz, flap his wings and light up by pinching its antenna or when head to head with other Magic Bugs. The Magic Bugs and Magic Blooms can even sing and play together! Carry Magic Bug around with one of the accessoires: a ring, necklace or hair clip.