Robocar Poli

Spectron owns the master licence for the figures, play-sets and cuddly toys from the popular cartoon series  Robocar Poli, which is broadcast in  more than 80 countries. In the Netherlands the series has been broadcast on RTL Telekids since August 2015. Robocar Poli is a cheerful animated series for pre-school children in which the focus is on cooperation, friendship and helping each other. The series centres on the Robocar team, a great group of emergency vehicles with special powers – they can transform themselves into robots! They are always ready to help their neighbours and friends in Brooms Town to get out of dangerous situations. Whatever happens, you can always count on the Robocars! The team consists of super police car Poli, fire truck Roy, ambulance Amber and helicopter Helly. 

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The big Rescue Team Headquarters has a lot of fun features, like garages and a roof that open and close. You can even alter the floors inside the Headquarters. The three garages have nameplates: Roy, Amber and Poli. Includes a lot of great accessories, storage for parts and a die-cast Helly figure! There are eight Die-cast vehicles available separately that are fun to play with, but even more fun along with the big Rescue Team headquarters. You can also collect the four Transforming Robots Poli, Amber, Roy and Helly. The range is directed at the pre-school market and is suitable for boys and girls alike. Let your imagination loose or play out exciting scenes from the popular children’s series!

The Robocar Poli toys are available at almost all toy shops!