All Silverlit items

0133 + 2003867 Urban Bot

6081 + 6088 + 2004052 Sprekende eitjes / Oeuf Parlant

MS26222 Gotta Go Flamingo

TR41551 RC Super Robot

TR0001 Car in Can 27 Mhz

TR0001 Car in Can 2.4 Ghz

TR0013 Sniper Buggy

TR0014 Bionic Buggy

TR0015 Cobra Stuntcar

TR0016 RC Monstertruck Beast

TR0022 Tiger Buggy

TR0096  Sassimals - Flossi Flamingo

TR0097  Sassimals - Alli Alpaca

TR41493 Sea Bullet Speedboat

TR41495 Little Unicorn

TR41496 Robo Smart Puppy Pinky

TR41496 Robo Smart Puppy Pinky 2021

TR41500 RC Viper

TR41501 Pro Extreme Buggy

TR41502 Orbit Bot

TR41503 Orbit Bot

TR41504 Suki Bot

TR41505 Rock Wheeler

TR41506 Speedy Racer

TR41507 Robo Smart Puppy

TR41507 Robo Smart Puppy 2021

TR41508 Mini Bot in Box Blue

TR41509 Mini Bot in Box Pink

TR41510 Mini Bot in Can Blue

TR41511 Mini Bot in Can Pink

TR41512 Mini Bot assorted

TR41513 Soccer Drone

TR41515 Drag Racer

TR41516 Disky Fly

TR41518 Jupiter Drone

TR41519 Eagle Pro Drone

TR41520 Draw Bot

TR41521 Robo Puppy blauw

TR41522 Smart Dog

TR41522 Smart Animals 2021

TR41523 Road Bug

TR41526 RC Stunt Racer

TR41527 RC Duo Transformer

TR41529 Giant Beast

TR41530 Turbo Racer

TR41531 Rock Ranger

TR41532 Robo Dexter

TR41533 Draw Bot blue

TR41534 Stunt Racer green

TR41535 Stunt Racer pink

TR41536 Street Force

TR41537 Racer Max

TR41538 Alligator Truck

TR41539 RC Xtreme Racing Boat

TR41540 Flip 360 Super Racer purple

TR41541 Flip 360 Super Racer blue

TR41542 Robo Unicorn

TR41545 RC Grand Prix

TR41547 Astro Bot

TR41548 Revo Bot

TR41550 Interactive mini dog/unicorn

TR41550 Interactive mini dog/unicorn/rabbit/dino

TR41552 RC Extreme Monstertruck 1:10

TR41553 Sky Helicopter

TR41554 Robo Disco

TR41555 Cuty Dog

TR41556 RC Stunt Duo Racer 2 in 1

TR41561 Sky Racer

TR41562 Future Bot

TR41566 Rocky Bot

TR41567 Rally Xtrem 33

TR41568 Wifi Cam Truck

TR41570 Nova XL Drone

TR41572 Robo Smart Unicorn

TR41573 Robo Max

TR41574 Aqua Racer

TR41578 Junior Megasaur

TR41579 Mighty Megasaur

TR41580 Walking Megasaur

TR41583 Battle Tank Pro

TR41584 Red Bull Racing Car 1:24

TR41585 Giant Beast 2.0

TR41586 RC Smoking Punk

TR41595 Monster Racer

TR41598 Jupiter Drone 2.0

TR41599 Helicopter Red Fox

TR41600 Rocket Buggy XL

TR41601 Robo Smart Dino

TR41620 Monster Truckies Mega Force

TR41621 Monster Truckies Strong Bull

TR4278 Pool Raceset

TR9791 Pro Eagle XL Drone

TR50010 Storage Truck + 6 cars

TR50011 Storage Truck + 12 cars

TR50021 Skateboard Urban Set Blue

TR50022 Skateboard Urban Set Yellow

TR50200 Speaking Eggs

TR50210 Urban Bot

TR50211 Hero Bot

TR60020 Revolution Pro

TR80038X Laser Command Tactical

TR80072 Infinity Drone

TR80079 Discovery Drone

TR80087 Galaxy Drone

TR80511 Focus Drone (model 1)

TR80511 Focus Drone (model 2)

TR80513 Sky Drone

TR80514 Zuma Drone

TR80515 Eagle Drone

TR80522 Nano Spy Drone

TR80525 Nano Smart Drone

TR80531 Pro Cam Drone

TR80532 Falcon Drone

TR80533 Apollo Drone

TR80540 FPV Urban Drone

TR80541 VR Rover Drone

TR80542 VR Vision XL Drone

TR80545 VR Nano Wifi Drone

TR80548 + TR80549 + TR80550 Racing Drone

TR80586 Smart Drone

TR80587 Smart Drone Pro

TR80590 Condor Drone


If you are looking for a Declaration of Conformity from an item that is not in the list yet, please send an e-mail to ilonka@spectrontoys.com with your request.